• New Android Smartwatch Platform Introduced By Google
    [March 24, 2014] Google-based smartwatches have been rumored for quite some time, and today, the company finally revealed it its platform for such wearables: Android Wear.
  • Google Explains How To Find And Fix Hacked Content
    [March 4, 2014] You can have a robust code, strong passwords, an up-to date CMS system and plug-ins but that doesn't prevent someone from breaking into your website. In a recent post in the Webmaster Central Blog, Google explains how hackers take advantage of vulnerable sites by adding spam my content and redirecting users to harmful or undesired […]
  • Google Removes Beta Tag From Chromecast SDK
    [February 4, 2014] Last July, Google invaded the living room in a big way with Chromecast – a little HDMI dongle that streamed content to your television from an Android device. It was and still is a big hit thanks to its affordable $35 asking price, but developers weren’t so keen on it thanks to Google only letting […]
  • Developer Reading For January 2014
    [January 9, 2014] I have talked about human filters and my plan for digital curation. These items are the fruits of those ideas, the items I deemed worthy from my daily reading. These items are a combination of tech business news, development news and programming tools and techniques. You will note that some of the formatting has changed, […]
  • Android Gives Game Developers New Tools
    [December 12, 2013] Over the last few years, Android has proven to be quite the versatile gaming platform. Not only are people playing games on smartphone and tablets, but Android games can also be found on TVs thanks to micro-consoles like the Ouya and MOJO. Now Google is readying some new tools to help Android game developers make […]
  • Mobile App Developers Can Now Do A/B Testing On Amazon
    [November 7, 2013] Despite building Fire OS on top of Android, Amazon wants developers to choose its platform over Android or iOS when building apps. Over the last year, it’s become easier to recommend the platform as Amazon has leveraged the power of AWS to offer a number of services to developers that are typically hard to implement […]
  • Should You Add The Meta Description Tag To Your Website?
    [October 10, 2013] A workshop participant wanted to know if there we any value in actually adding the description attribute to his web content.
  • Tips For Speeding Up Your WordPress Site
    [September 12, 2013] Right now, wordpress is running on over 10 million websites, or just over 18% of the websites currently on the internet. While wordpress isn’t without its problems, there’s no denying it’s a popular, easy to set up, and easy to use CMS. However, despite what many will tell you, “out of the box” wordpress is […]
  • ArcGIS Updated To 10.2 With New Developer Options
    [August 13, 2013] Loads of updates from Redlands recently as team Esri rolls out ArcGIS 10.2. The company officially announced that 10.2 is shipping and they are boasting the ease of use and enhanced web publishing capabilities (think WebGIS) – be sure to see also this Top 10 Features of ArcGIS 10.2 List! Along with the release there’s […]
  • The Top 5 SEO Areas Where Webmasters Make the Most Mistakes
    [July 25, 2013] In this video Matt Cutts talks about the top 5 search engine optimisation areas where webmasters make the most mistakes.
  • Finely Targeted Panda Update Confirmed By Google
    [July 22, 2013] Google had already given a hint about Panda algorithms being pushed out every month over a period of ten days. Matt Cutts also said that there is already a delay in pushing out the monthly Panda refresh because Google wanted to release updates that will soften the algorithm a bit.
  • Google Launches New Google+ Plugins for Websites with an Improved Look and Feel!
    [July 2, 2013] Google has announced the launch of a bunch of new plugins for Google+ that will help visitors in connecting with a company on the social networking platform directly from the company's website.
  • Matt Cutts on Common Mistakes Pertaining to Usage of Disavow Links Tool!
    [June 13, 2013] It was just last week, Matt Cutts was spotted discussing about the disavow tool in a thread and now he has come up with the Webmasters Video.
  • Watch The Google+ Talks From Google I/O
    [May 23, 2013] Google announced a slew of new features (41 actually) for Google+ at Google I/O, including a new redesign. As you might imagine, this has implications for businesses, publishers and developers alike.
  • Facebook Developers Group Will Have A Large Presence At Google I/O
    [May 2, 2013] Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg said that Google and Facebook weren’t talking much. The two seem to be getting closer thanks to Android, though, and that catalyst will be bringing Facebook to Google I/O in May.
  • Questions Answered About The New Blink Rendering Engine From Google
    [April 11, 2013] After years of Chrome running on the WebKit rendering engine, Google announced earlier this week that it was moving to its own rendering engine. The new engine, named Blink, is a fork of WebKit, and will apparently not affect Web developers that much as Google transitions to the new engine.
  • Firefox OS Simulator 3.0 Released By Mozilla
    [March 19, 2013] Late last year, Mozilla released Firefox OS simulator 1.0. The preview software would give developers an idea of how Firefox OS looks when running on a mobile device while allowing them to develop apps for the HTML5-centric platform. It’s only been a few months since then, and Mozilla has already pushed out two new versions […]
  • App Insights Get New Search Results Tab From Facebook
    [February 25, 2013] Over the past few months, Facebook has added a number of metrics to App Insights. It’s invaluable data that allows developers to analyze where traffic is coming from, and where they can capitalize on said traffic. Now Facebook is adding a new metric that may prove very important as Graph Search gets into the hands […]
  • New GeoData Extension Allows Wikipedia To Be More Location-Friendly
    [February 5, 2013] The Wikimedia Foundation has announced the launch of a new GeoData extension to usher in “a new age of geotagging on Wikipedia”. Roughly translated, Wikipedia will be getting a lot more useful at the location level.
  • Firefox 19 Kills The PDF Plugin
    [January 18, 2013] We just got Firefox 18 earlier this week, but Mozilla already has its sights set on the future. That future is one devoid of PDF plugins, like Adobe Acrobat Reader, that could harbor dangerous security flaws. Instead, the non-profit will continue pushing HTML5 in the new year.
  • Creative Cloud Gets Game Developer Tools Added By Adobe
    [December 13, 2012] Back in February, Adobe published a white paper that outlined the future of Flash Player. The company said that it would be refocusing its efforts on gaming and Web video after discontinuing work on the mobile version for Android. Almost 10 months later, Adobe has made good on that promise by introducing game development tools into Creative Cloud.
  • Prototype Simulator For Firefox OS Now Available
    [November 19, 2012] Firefox OS is launching early next year, and Mozilla needs to make sure that developers have some apps ready before its launch. It's a little early to get hardware into the hands of developers though. That's where software solutions come in, and Mozilla had just the thing.
  • Facebook’s Notification API Gets New Rules
    [October 29, 2012] Developers have been seeing some pretty positive results from the Notifications API. That's the report today from Facebook as the social network updates us on the latest numbers from those participating in the beta that was announced back in August.
  • Firefox 16 Gets New Developer Toolbar
    [October 11, 2012] Mozilla has launched a new feature with Firefox 16 called the Developer Toolbar, which comes with what Mozilla calls the Developer Command Line. This is designed to provide easy keyboard control over Firefox developer tools, and it completes commands and parameters for you.
  • Matt Cutts Invites Questions from Webmasters for His Video Answers!
    [September 13, 2012] Matt Cutts, Google's distinguished engineer and head of the anti-spam team, has invited questions related to search, SEO and Google’s functioning. He posted on Google+ and announced that webmasters can send him questions he will answer via video and post it on the YouTube Channel of Google Webmaster Help.