• Microsoft Acquires Xamarin to Help with App Development
    [March 2, 2016] Microsoft announced that it will acquire Xamarin to “empower more developers to build apps on any device.” Xamarin is a mobile app development and creation software provider that is already in use by over 15,000 companies including Microsoft, Foursquare, Kellogg’s, Johnson Controls, Dow Jones, and jetBlue to name a few. Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise Scott […]
  • Apple Opening First European iOS App Development Center
    [January 28, 2016] Apple announced that it will open its first European iOS app development center. It’s to be located at partner institution in Naples, Italy. The center gives where students can acquire skills and training pertaining to the development of iOS applications. It will support teachers and provide a specialized curriculum geared toward the growth of Apple’s […]
  • Swift Programming Language Now Open Source
    [December 9, 2015] Apple announced programming language Swift last year as a replacement for Objective C as the language for iOS, OS X, watchOS, and tvOS apps. The company announced this week that it is releasing it as open source. Apple says the broad community of developers ranging from app developers to educational institutions and enterprises can now […]
  • GoDaddy Is Giving Deals To Their Pro Members By Teaming Up With AdAgility
    [November 5, 2015] GoDaddy announced some new perks for members of the GoDaddy Pro program for designers and developers. These come in the form of members-only offers on freelancer tools thanks to AdAgility. Offers include deals from Bidsketch, Ninja Forms, FreshBooks, Pluralsight, Yoast, Dropbox, Shutterstock and Adobe, all of which are available now via the GoDaddy Pro Client […]
  • Google Has Increased The File Size Limit For Their Android Apps
    [October 1, 2015] Google announced that it’s increasing the APK file size limit for Android apps from 50MB to 100MB giving developers more room to work with in creating app experiences with less restriction. Google does warn, however, that just because you can now make an app bigger, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. It reminds developers to […]
  • Firefox Is Accepting Extensions From Other Browsers
    [August 27, 2015] Mozilla announced some big developer news for Firefox on Friday with the introduction of the WebExtensions API, which is compatible with Chrome and Opera so developers can create extensions that work across multiple browsers.
  • Application Default Credentials feature is Now Available for Google Cloud Platform
    [July 22, 2015] Google just announced the Application Default Credentials feature for Google Cloud Platform.
  • Google Container Beta Is Now Available
    [June 25, 2015] Google announced the beta release of Google Container Engine and the general availability of Google Container Registry. Container Engine enables you to run Docker containers on Google Cloud Platform, powered by Kubernetes. Container Engine schedules containers based on the needs you’ve declared on a cluster of virtual machines.
  • Tips For Navigating The Latest Google Panda Update
    [May 28, 2015] Feeling lost and stuck after Panda? You don’t have to lose your heart! If you are feeling problematic after the advent of Panda 3.0, now is the time to step up, and do another round of work to get your website perform to its full potential.
  • Yahoo Provides New Video App Install Ads To Devs
    [April 23, 2015] Yahoo announced the launch of video app install ads for developers globally. They’re available through the company’s Gemini self-serve user interface. “With this powerful combination of the engagement of video and the performance of install ads, Yahoo Developers can promote their apps across Yahoo apps and thousands of others on the Yahoo network while using […]
  • Facebook Announces Messenger Platform and Businesses on Messenger
    [March 27, 2015] Facebook just kicked off its annual f8 developer conference, announcing Messenger Platform and Businesses on Messenger. The former enables developers to build apps that Messenger users can take advantage of in conversations. The latter seems to be looking to take over email for business-to-consumer communications. Facebook is expanding the composer in Messenger to enable users […]
  • Google To Now Convert Flash Ads To HTML5 With Swiffy!
    [February 27, 2015] Google announced on Google+ they will now automatically convert eligible Flash ads to HTML5 format. This will help the ad to be displayed on more devices. Google quoted, “there is an all-too-common barrier: many mobile devices and some browsers do not currently support Flash. That’s why we’re introducing a way to automatically convert Flash ads […]
  • No Surprise Here: Make Your Link Text Accurate and Descriptive
    [January 29, 2015] Nobody likes negative surprises. One of the worst kind of surprises you could give your website visitors is when they click a link and land on a page other than what they expected. That’s the fastest way to the back button, or worse, the visitor leaving the site altogether.
  • Google’s New Video Series for iOS Developers – Route 85
    [December 18, 2014] Route 85 is coming to the Google Developers Youtube Channel – +Todd Kerpelman is working on a series of videos for iOS developers. Bet you never would have thought this would come out of the GooglePlex!
  • Google Compute Engine Receives Beta Version of Autoscaling
    [November 21, 2014] Google announced the addition of autoscaling to Google Compute Engine. It’s now in beta, and is available to everyone. The autoscaling, which Google describes as intelligent and horizontal, is designed by the same team behind the scaling infrastructure for Google Search and Gmail.
  • Google Releases Fresh “Pirate Update” After Two Whole Years!
    [October 23, 2014] After receiving criticism that it was not working hard enough to fight piracy, Google released a Pirate Update in the month of August, 2012. This system provided penalties for sites that violated copyright laws. The week after this, Google is going to issue a new update to change the system and make it more efficient […]
  • Apple Claims That 46% of iOS Users Are Now Using iOS 8
    [September 25, 2014] At its iOS launch events, Apple always likes to talk about how many of its users are on the latest version of its operating system in comparison to Android. There are so many different Android devices, that ultimately there is never a very high percentage of users on the latest version.
  • Tips For Learning Python Programming
    [September 4, 2014] Python, all the geeks are learning Python, most employers are craving employees who have some grasp of the popular language…
  • Google Announces Availability For Google Fit Preview SDK
    [August 7, 2014] Google announced Google Fit, its developer platform for fitness apps, at Google I/O earlier this summer. The company just announced the availability of the preview SDK.
  • Google Wear Devs Receive Update For Paid Apps
    [July 17, 2014] Google gave developers an update on paid apps for Android Wear, its recently launched wearable device platform. It has a workaround that enables paid apps, and others that use Google Play’s forward-lock mechanism. Google notes that the assets/directory of those apps, which contains the wearable APK, can’t be extracted or ready by the wearable installer. […]
  • Developers Receive Google Chrome App Audit Tool
    [June 19, 2014] Google announced the release of a new version of its Chrome Apps & Extensions Developer Tool, which will let users audit apps or extensions to see what actions they’re performing.
  • Webmasters Receive New Page Rendering Tool From Google
    [May 30, 2014] Last week, Google named some JavaScript issues that can negatively impact a site’s search results, and said it would soon be releasing a tool to help webmasters better understand how it renders their site. The tool has now been announced. It comes in the form of an addition to the Fetch as Google tool, which […]
  • Geotech events and online training tips
    [April 24, 2014] The event and training season is busy indeed and it can be tough to keep tabs on everything. The following are but a few events that are of interest to the Geo professional and/or geo developer. To begin, something for developers from the USGS. Are you interested in hearing what one developer has been doing […]
  • New Android Smartwatch Platform Introduced By Google
    [March 24, 2014] Google-based smartwatches have been rumored for quite some time, and today, the company finally revealed it its platform for such wearables: Android Wear.
  • Google Explains How To Find And Fix Hacked Content
    [March 4, 2014] You can have a robust code, strong passwords, an up-to date CMS system and plug-ins but that doesn't prevent someone from breaking into your website. In a recent post in the Webmaster Central Blog, Google explains how hackers take advantage of vulnerable sites by adding spam my content and redirecting users to harmful or undesired […]